Procreate Boho Landscape Creator - For iPad Pro Users

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Abstract Boho Landscape Art Creator for Procreate - For iPad Pro Users

Boho Landscape Art Creator for Procreate! Create your own stunning boho wall art with this set of textures, color palettes, shapes, and layouts! Use the pre-made shapes to create your own boho inspired wall art or use it for similar projects! The possibilities are endless, this can be an additional set of graphics that will help aid you in creating new things 🥰 Create social media posts, backgrounds, art for zoom screens, and many more!

What's included in this set:

  • 2 Sets of Pre-made color palettes (12) and color textures in each color in JPEG files
  • 3 Sets of Scattered Pattern Textures (6) in Black and White PNGs
  • 13 Landscape Shapes, PNG files.
  • Sun, moon, diamond, and star shapes in PNG files.
  • 10 Pre-made Layouts in JPEGs ready to use!

Please note that mockups are not included.

Does not include Photoshop PSD file, please check out the full Photoshop version here

To use: Unzip the file onto your computer and then upload the files and save it to a folder in your Dropbox. Open your Dropbox app on your iPad Pro and download the images you want onto your photos. Open the Procreate app and insert the PNG image files into separate layers. To add texture to a shape, open the background texture image file and place it on its own layer above the shape and click on the layer and choose clipping mask, the texture will then be added to the shape.

Tutorial Video - Photoshop Version on my YouTube Channel:

Please refer to Licenses on my site for proper use.